Friday, September 23, 2011

Ali's Catering Menu

(Version 5)

Muslim Dum Biriyani (Mutton[with Bones], Chicken[no bones], Veg)
Coconut Rice
Peas Pulav
Curd Rice
Fried Rice (Veg or non Veg)
Tomato Rice
Tamrind Rice
Lime Rice
Plain White Rice
Noodles (Veg or Non Veg)
Spaghetti Bolognese

Butter Chicken (no bones)
Beef Vindaloo (hot or Mild)
Port Vindaloo (Hot or Mild)
Beef/Pork Pepper Fry (dry)
Beef Ball Curry
Keema (Beef Minced Fry-dry)
Fish Head Curry (with Bones)
Chicken Curry (No Bones)
Chicken Korma (No Bones)
Goat Meat Masala (Like Vindaloo) with Bones
Paya (Goats Legs) With bones (subject to availability)

Palak Paneer
Vegetable Korma
Patato Masala
Veg. Fugard
Roast Vegetables (Oven)
Dhal (Lentals) (Indian or SriLankan Style)
Garden salad
Patato salad

Idli + Coconut Chutney(Peanut or lentils) + Sambar
Upuma (Semolina)
Beef Lasagna
Pasta dishes

Tandoori Chicken
Honey & Soy Chicken Wings
Chilly Chicken - Hot (Calcutta style - Very Dry)
Chilly Chicken Giblets/liver (Hot) for Drinkers
Beef Masala Chops

Eggplant Pachadi (for Biriyani)
Raitha Yoghurt (for Biriyani)

Mysore Pak
Gulab Jamun

Fruit Salad (cans only)
Ice Cream
Mixed Fruit & Jelly (tray only)
Mango Kulfi (Tray only)

Fish curry (sear fish With Bones)
Fried Fish Slices (sear fish With Bones)
Prawn Vindaloo
Prawn Curry
Fish Molee (sear fish With Bones)

Duck Pepper Roast (with Bones)
Yoghurt (Curd)/Sambar Vadai
Ulundu Vadai
Patato Bonda
Masala Dosai
Fresh Fruit Platter (Seasonal Fruit)
Cold Meat Platter
Cheese Platter
Pork Roast (oven)
Roast Chicken (Oven)
Thirunelveli Halwa (Indian sweet)
Mango/plain Lassi (mainly during hot weather)

- Full sit down Meal can be organised (3 course) from $25pp-$50pp

- Live Band
1 piece $150
2 piece $300pp
Full Band from $600

- DJ can be organised from $300

- Decorations can be organised from $150

- Venue can be organised.

- Full event management service is available.

- Cake can be organised.

- If there are dishes you want that are not on this list, please discuss with me.

- We can supply the plastic plates and cuttlery & Servettes

- We can supply the Cheffing Dishes and fuel etc.

Terms and Conditions:
1. At time of booking 50% to be paid upfront on approx number of people attending, balance
50% to be paid one week before the function with the final confirmation of numbers.

2. All changes are accomodated upto one week before the function and final payment.
Additional cost could be incurred if changes are made after this.

3. Most food will be cooked fresh on the day except for the dessert.

4. Children from 6yo and over are charged at the same Per Person rate.

5. If there is a band or other people involved in the function, please include them in your Per Person rate.

6. It is our discretion whether to give the host or any guests take away food. This decision is determined on the day and mostly due to Health and Safety reasons. Consumption of this food after the function is totally at your own risk. I assume no liability should you fall ill after consumption of take away food.

7. We reserve the right to do a discrete head count during the function and if we believe that there are more guests than first agreed, this will be brought to your attention and the difference should be made good at the function.

Price per person is negotiated. Menu from $5pp upwards.

Ideal Menu choice is:
Goat/Chicken Biriyani + 1Rice + Noodles + 2xMeats + 1xVeg + 1xOther Dish (like Roti or Idli) + 1xDry Dish, All side dishes, 1xIndian Sweet + Ice cream. All plastic plates & cuttlery + cheffing dishes will be supplied including full service Buffet Meal. Cost $22pp minimum 150 people.  If less than 150ppl then the cost is slightly more pp.


Alister Fuller
0411 325 623
Based in Melbourne